A daily exercise routine is beneficial to your health. However, there are several workout options and information that may make it hard for you to choose. You need to set fitness goals to determine the best exercises that will work for you. If you do not know which exercises to do, this article is for you. We have outlined different exercises to help you achieve specific goals, whether you want to tone your legs, build your abs or increase body strength.


The Best Abs Exercises


If you are craving a perfect six-pack, you should have a long-term commitment and combine multiple exercises. When choosing abs workouts, you should consider the following:


  • The simplicity of learning and performing the workout
  • Muscle intensity and stimulation
  • How popular the exercise is to bodybuilders
  • Equipment availability


Here are some of the exercises that will build your abs and muscles:


Hanging Knee Raises


One of the reasons you should do knee raises is because of their scalability. You can begin by sitting in a captain’s chair and doing bent-knee raises to focus on your lower abs, then do straight-leg raises and finish with the hanging bar. 


The series will enable you to build up strength in your core. What’s more, you can increase the resistance by placing a medicine ball between your knees. Remember to use your abs to raise your legs higher while training.


Pallof Press


The workout trains your abs to stabilize your body. It is an anti-rotation movement exercise that enhances your core stability and minimizes risks of injury.


Top Level Workouts to Tone Your Legs


Any time you think of leg exercises, your mind probably thinks of squats and deadlifts. However, to move your lower body, you need to engage other parts other than the hamstrings and quads. 


When you perform these leg workouts, you will be targeting your body’s major muscles, working your core, and improving balance and grip strength. Plus, training your lower body improves your performance in sports or daily functions. Some common exercises to increase lower body strength are:


Front Squat


Start by setting up a barbell at approximately shoulder height on a power track. Using an overhand grip, grab the power and raise elbows until your arms and floor are parallel. Then position your legs at shoulder-width apart and squat to the lowest possible level with your lower back arched.




Stand behind an elevated surface and ensure your hips are parallel to the floor when you place one foot onto the bench. Hold dumbbells in each hand and step on the surface while your trailing leg hangs off.


Full-Body Strength Training


Strength-training exercises, also referred to as resistance training, make you stronger. In addition, it helps you to develop muscle endurance. When strength training, you will be moving your body against resistances like your body weight, resistance machines, or free weights. An example of this workout is:




Lunges train your lower body muscles like quadriceps and glutes. You can do walking lunges or side lunges, depending on your preference.


Combining different workout routines can help you get the desired body. It is critical to research fitness websites to know the best training for your needs.