Exercises with a resistance ofAre you traveling a lot for work these days—or even better yet—pleasure? Feeling like you just don’t have the energy (after a long day of work or school) to head to the gym? No problem—it’s just time to whip out plan B: the at home workout! When you have a band, you can’t go wrong.

Why am I Using This Thing?

The resistance band is a little bit like the medicine ball. At first glance, it seems a bit strange. Why would you use a stretchy band when you can just use a shoulder press or knock out some dumbbell reps? But, here’s the secret about resistance bands: they offer a convenience that other gym equipment cannot. Additionally, they give you the flexibility that many other machines don’t, so no matter how fit (or out of shape) you may currently be, you can become a success…one stretch at a time!

Resistance bands are also a great way for you to keep up your exercise routine after an injury, or post-surgery. Allow yourself the ability to control your movements and speed with precision. Ready, set, stretch! Here are three new ways to bend, stretch and strengthen using the one and only resistance band!

Stretch More, Stretch Better Than Ever Before

How beneficial is a hard core workout if you haven’t given your body the opportunity to warm up? When it comes to tearing down muscles and toning your body from head to toe, a good stretch is worth gold. Place the resistance band around your feet and hold each end tightly in either hand. Sitting upright, lean your upper body towards your legs. Once you feel that stretch, come back to the starting position (slowly and in a controlled manner) and repeat.

Your Post-Breakfast Chest Press (in the Doorway!)Biceps using resistance band

As a creative way to get your chest press in (when you can’t make it to the gym), this exercise is easy and so accessible! Place one end of the resistance band onto the top of a closed door, and stand upright, holding onto both hands with the other end.  Use the band for exercises like the chest press, stability chops or seated rows. Take your band with you, at home or away, and you’ll always have time for a workout!

Who knew that a simple band would have so much to offer? With a resistance band, you can minimize injury, and have a total body resistance training anywhere you go!