Swiss ball closeupYou may know it as that rubbery, bouncy ball that takes up space in your gym’s weight room. But, what you may not know is what a truly, great workout it can give you. Whether you call it a fit ball, Swiss ball, or exercise ball, it all does the same thing and gives you the same benefits—a targeted workout with amazing results! Here are some Swiss ball exercises to do, any day of the week.

Many Names, Many Uses

Is your core health not quite cutting it? Your core is essential, because it stabilizes the movements of every part of your body. Even though you might be a committed athlete, or devote every other day to a solid workout, are you targeting the right muscles for a proper workout?  Your core health is paramount. Without a strong core (which the Swiss ball allows you to achieve), bending, lifting and even running can be a whole lot trickier (and with a greater risk of injury!)

Swiss Ball Inner Thigh

Are you tired of that one inner thigh weight machine that’s always occupied? Say goodbye to waiting your turn in line, because the swiss ball can do the job of any machine—plus a little bit more. This exercise strengthens your core and groin muscles, and can be easily done by doing the following:

  • Lie flat on your back and with your knees bent.
  • Gently position the ball so that it is between your legs, and squeeze with your legs.
  • Hold that squeeze for five seconds, and let go. Then, repeat.

Swiss Ball CrunchSwiss ball crunch

This next exercise is an alternative to the traditional sit-up. If you want to add more of a challenge, place the ball on an unsteady surface.

  • Start this exercise by lying down, and placing your back on the ball. (You can also do this exercise against a wall to give you better stability and balance.)
  • Place your hands behind your head and slowly lift yourself up, using only your abdominal muscles.


Like any other workout, using the Swiss ball takes practice, patience and work—but nothing that delivered results was easy! Whether you want to ease back into exercise after suffering an injury, or you want to improve your abdominal strength, Swiss ball exercises are a great way to do that. Use it as your new tool for increased strength and stamina!