If your fitness game needs a boost you are in luck. Technology offers more tools than ever to monitor, motivate or just get you moving. Take a look at some of the most popular options.

photodune-10001852-activity-fitness-tracker--xsFitbit – This activity tracker can help you monitor everything from how well you sleep to how many steps you take and the number of calories you ingest each day. The Fitbit comes in a variety of colors and styles, some even look just like jewelry; and is compatible with more than 100 phone types. Upload your data for week by week comparison of your progress.


Apple watch – Apple touts their latest offering as, “a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology.” Of course Apple watch keeps time, but it also helps you stay on your fitness track. The device measures your movements throughout the day. It even records the number of times you stand. Recent studies have shown that prolonged sitting, even among regular exercisers, is harmful to overall health. Apple watch offers targeted encouragement to be more active all day.

Nike plus –  This tool uses technology to give you the benefits of a trainer that follows you everywhere. Featuring more than 100 different workouts for a variety of fitness levels, the Nike plus also offers tips and advice from master trainers. Take photos, try new workouts and share progress with friends. Sync with your phone or computer to track your accomplishments over time.

7 minute workout challenge – This app offers a challenging HIIT workout that you can do anywhere. Choose from a number of workouts including full and upper body routines. The full body workout includes 12 exercises performed for 30 seconds with 10 second rest breaks. The app developers say the 7 minute challenge is based on actual research and can transform your body in just minutes a day. For best results repeat the circuit at least three times a day four days a week.

Sworkit – The developers of this app say they aim to, “delight our users by delivering effective workouts that fit their individual lifestyles.” Whether you want to do yoga, Pilates or strength training Sworkit offers a no equipment routine just forman with smartphone exercising on treadmill in gym you.

Nexercise – This app offers rewards for staying active. Keep moving to earn gift cards for places like CVS and Sephora. If you like to shop or simply want to save a few bucks this is definitely an app worth checking out.

Whether you buy a separate device or use what is available on your smartphone, there are endless tools available to help you stay encouraged and on track. Try one to boost accountability and fitness. You’ve got nothing to lose except a few pounds or inches.