Sugar and all it’s sweet glory is so easy to consume, and in today’s food processing culture, overconsumption is abundant. Sugar consumption does little for your health, and it makes gaining weight very easy. If you were previously unaware that too much sugar will make you gain weight, and you find yourself reading this now, you have no more excuses!

Too much sugar contributes to a few other health conditions (to name a few):

– Type 2 diabetes
– Tooth decay
– Fatigue
– Anxiety
– Wrinkles
– Hormonal imbalances

It’s unfortunate for something that tastes so good to lead to so many health problems, but as with most all dietary issues, the problem lies in overconsumption. Just as eating large portions of food make it very difficult to lose weight, so too does eating large amounts of sugar prove difficult to break the negative effects such as addiction, cravings and weight gain.

So why do we crave sugar? Sugar cravings are considered a food addiction, and they are not always your fault. Once you are overweight, the extra pounds cause not only extra fat, but extra inflammation in the body. This inflammation can negatively affect the centers of the brain that handle impulse control. Certain hormones in the brain which switch on the area responsible for increasing appetite react in a similar way to sugar and alcohol.

Another reason for craving sugar comes from the sheer easy access to it. As mentioned above we live in a society obsessed with sugar and processed food, so sugar is in just about everything we eat and drink. You may be surprised to learn how much sugar is packed into sauces (like barbecue) and maybe less surprised to learn how much sugar is in soda.

Sugar also gives an initial high, or spike in blood sugar, that tends to feel very good. Soon, as you probably have experienced, a “crash” occurs and the sugar has actually taken away more energy than it gave in the first place. At this point the body often wants more, and a sad cycle occurs.

Your health is your first priority. Eliminating sugar %100 from your diet is almost impossible, but your health depends on you cutting back. The sweet taste is not worth the ill effects. The less you begin to have sugar, the less your body will miss it. You must make a decision to take control of your sugar consumption and employ some self-discipline.

Here’s how to get focused on lessening your sugar consumption:

– Start with a detox – try to eat as little sugar as possible for a few days to get is out of your system.
– Clean out the pantry – if the bad foods loaded with sugar are gone, you stand a much better chance of overcoming the overconsumption.
– Don’t forget about natural sugar – sugar is natural in fruit and dairy products. Take advantage of this, and try to eat more fruit instead of cookies, ice cream, etc.
– Say bye to soda – this is tough, but the amount of sugar in just one of these fizzy goodies is more than you should consume in 2 days.
– Treat yourself – when you have been good, allow yourself a treat, but keep the portion small. 1-2 days a week at most.
– Find a friend – seek out others on the same sugarless journey, confide in each other and keep each other accountable.

You will feel tremendous after slowing down on the consumption of sugar. Keep your health in mind and know you can always find alternatives when cravings hit.