When it comes to races, you don’t need to wait until you cross the finish line to start celebrating. Every mile counts because you can’t get to mile three without tackling mile two. The same is true for fitness goals. Milestones, like mile markers, keep you motivated. Here’s how to use them.

You must eat the elephant one bite at a time. Yoruba Proverb


When you have a big goal the best way to tackle it is to break it into smaller goals. For example, if your goal is to improve your diet you might decide to…

  • Add a bottle of water in place of one sugary drink each day.
  • Commit to three servings of fruits and vegetables.

If your goal is to be more active you might decide to…

  • Exercise for a minimum of ten minutes three times weekly.
  • Walk to work at least once each week.

If your goal is to lose weight your target might be…

  • Lose one pound each week.
  • Lose one inch each week.


Ultimately, what you want to do is set a goal that represents a bit of a stretch but is doable with appropriate motivation and commitment. As you achieve whatever you define as success, the confidence you build will serve as a reward encouraging you to do even more.