Do you need to improve your balance? Do you need to challenge yourself while lifting weights? Are you afraid of hitting a weight loss plateau? If so, the stability ball is your answer. With multiple benefits and easy accessibility, the stability ball is the perfect all-in-one workout you’ve been waiting for.
Why Use the Stability Ball at All?
The stability ball is commonly also known as a swiss ball or medicine ball, but no matter what you refer to it as, it’s the one piece of gym equipment you need in your home (or even your office). Here’s why:
•    Because you want killer abs. Even if you don’t care about stretching, or losing weight but simply want toned, tight abs you proudly show off, the stability ball is a perfect addition to your workout. The simplest stability ball workout will target multiple muscles—your abs, your back and your glutes.
•    Because you want to stretch properly. If you’ve noticed your body seeming ‘tighter’ than usual, that’s a big sign to loosen up and get flexible! The stability ball will allow you to do just that, giving you the freedom to move your body with control (try lying down, with your back against the ball and slowly roll back and forth—it will feel similar to getting a massage.)
•    Because you want to get down to a healthy weight. The stability ball will allow you to drop inches and lose fat, simply because working from a stability ball causes your body to work harder (and in a way it hasn’t worked before). Challenge your body with a stability ball (at least three times a week) and watch the pounds melt away.
•    Take it home, or to the office. Many people struggle to move enough throughout their day, especially if their desk job confines them from physical activity. Replace your chair with a stability ball, and get your ab and lower body workout in—all day long!


Man exercising with a stability ball. Studio shot over white.

Moves Your Core Will Love
Here are a few to the point, easy to implement stability ball workouts. Do them once, twice or five times a week, and you’ll notice (almost immediately) the impact it’s making on your core, your overall strength, and your energy level:
•    The Knee Raise. Lie down on your back, with your feet firmly planted on the floor, your arms up, and your hands placed behind your head for support. Slowly contract your abs (to go into a ‘crunch’ position). Then, bring your left knee up to your chest, and then bring it slowly back down. Repeat with the other side.
•    The Balancing Act. This one will be more challenging, but gives amazing results. With the ball behind you, get into a high plank position (with your feet placed on top of the ball). Use the strength of your core to pull the ball in towards you, and then away from you. Do as many as you can, rest for 30 seconds, and repeat three more times.
The stability ball is a perfect addition for anyone: beginner, advanced; workaholic in the office, or enthused weightlifter. By making it part of your daily workout, you can stretch better, become healthier, and lose weight faster. It’s the perfect way to reach your fitness and weight loss goals.