Spring break is just around the corner, which means you’ve got to get lunging and lifting. Here are some simple tips (nothing crazy, just effective exercises) to prep and primp you for a killer bod, from head to toe.

Get Your Heart Rate Up—Way Up!

Long distance running workouts are great for your heart, but can be very time consuming, and don’t have the effectiveness of getting fit in a short period of time like interval training sessions do. The benefit of interval training sessions is that you can get your heart rate up quickly with an intense workout, and spend less time at the gym with an effective workout! For example, if you are used to running, change it up by sprinting for 40 seconds, jogging for 30 seconds, walking for one minute, and repeating 3 times. Move on to another high impact workout like punching and kicking a heavy bag for 30 seconds, in between burpees. You’ll get your heart rate going in no time, and burning fat like nobody’s business!

Move Throughout Your Entire Day

Not everyone has the luxury of working from home where they can arrange their schedule to work out for hours at the gym each day. If you work 8 hours (or more) per day in an office, there are some ways you can increase your movement and burn more calories. You just have to be creative about it! Here are some ways to burn more calories, and lean down:

• Always choose the stairs instead of the elevator. A flight here, and a flight there will end up making a world of difference.

• Leave the office for lunch, and use this time to walk to your favorite health food store to pick up some grilled salmon or a delicious salad.

• Grab a work buddy and use your much-needed break for a speed walk in the parking lot—not a Frappuccino at your local coffeehouse.

• Scout out an empty conference room where you can retreat to during an mid-afternoon break. Close the door and pull down the curtains. Then, lunge back and forth, do some push-ups and crunches. End your break with a 60-second plank. You’ll not only burn some calories, but boost your energy for the rest of the work day!

Lastly, cut out the sugar. You don’t want your hard work and dedication to working out to get lost in the process because you’re still chowing down on donuts and sugary coffee in the morning (or dessert in the evening). When you cut out sugar, your body will begin to crave healthier options (like strawberries, instead of strawberry cupcakes!) When you follow our guide, you’ll get ‘spring break ready’ in no time at all!