Are you desperate for shapely and sexy inner thighs (just in time for summer) so you can hit the beach or the barbeque with confidence? Forget the latest fad diet claiming to eliminate your ‘thigh gap’ or spending hours per week struggling to get the ideal pair of legs. Your inner thighs are a beautiful part of your body and should be exercised as much as any other part of you. Unfortunately, many gym goers skip out on it altogether. Here’s how to love those inner thighs, by sculpting them in a way that works.

Build Muscle, Eliminate Fat

Lunge ExerciseMany women worry that if they lunge, squat or lift, they’ll lose out on the opportunity to achieve a sexy, thin frame—especially within the lower body. Don’t believe the hype! The truth is simply this: when you work on strength training exercises targeting your  lower body, you’ll naturally tone while trimming down your thigh size. It’s a win/win and in the process, you’ll achieve more confidence than ever before!

Increase Your High Intensity Cardio

Just because you’re hitting the weight room doesn’t mean you should neglect your daily cardio. If you are serious about achieving sexy and shapely inner thighs, increase the intensity (rather than the frequency) of your cardio for optimal results! For example, instead of attending yoga class every day, swap a few classes out for an uphill sprint on the treadmill and a dance class.

The Best Exercise for Sculpted Legs

What’s one of the most effective lower AND upper body workouts? Why, the squat of course! How often do you squat? If you’re like most people (especially those with an office job) you’re sitting way too much and not getting nearly enough movement as you should. In order to shape your inner thighs, you need to ‘up your squatting ante’. Here’s how:

  • Eliminate your worry about ‘squeezing’ a workout in by simply starting your day with one. Set your alarm for an hour earlier than usual, and start your workout with a solid squat session.
  • Start with your legs shoulder width apart and make sure that they are firmly planted on the ground. You shouldn’t have them straight out in front of you but at a slight angle (in order to minimize a risk of knee injury.)
  • With your arms straight out in front of you and your back straight, slowly bend down as if you’re going to sit down in a chair. Position your weight on your heels as you continue to lower yourself down until your knees are blocking your view of your ankles. Lift yourself back up slowly and repeat.

When you focus on working those inner thighs in an effective way (and thus, becoming an expert squatter in the process!) you’ll soon have stems that are sultry and shapely! With no time like the present, get moving and work those legs out like never before—with fast results you can show off just in time for the summer heat to kick in!