You may know that working out in sandals and shorts isn’t a proper workout outfit. You’ve got common sense (and a killer eye for fashion, after all!) But did you know that the wrong workout gear can contribute to distraction, and even lower productivity of your fitness goals? We do, which is why you should put a strategy in place when choosing that sports bra, workout top and pants. Consider this your go-to guide for choosing workout gear that will make you feel your best, look your best and give you the best workout of all!

people doing stretching exercise  after joggingFor Your Run

If you’re a runner, than you know something as simple as a heavy weight shoe can drag you down, slow you down and altogether mess with your performance. The same goes for your clothing! For long distance running (whether you’re trying to burn off last night’s dessert or prep for your first 10K), fabric is everything. Avoid long, loosely fitted pants which can pose a potential hazard by bunching up or tangling by your feet. Cotton based fabrics can cause your body heat to rise and be very uncomfortable. Instead, stick to fabrics that absorb the sweat, such as various types of synthetic fiber.

For Your Zumba Class

Do you get your ‘Zumba’ on a few times a week? Are you focused on pushing yourself through weekly spin classes in an effort to lose inches off your middle? Keep your layered tank tops and pants to thin, light weight fabric which pull moisture out and away. Moisture wicking fabrics will hold up against your hard core cardio workouts which are made from polypropylene. Excessive sweating during exercise can be a distraction, can’t it? The beauty of moisture wick gear is that allows you to get back to business and burn as many calories as you can—without the irritation of perspiration!

For Your Yoga Sessionphotodune-9142388-yoga-poses-l

Do you need a morning of ‘sun salutations’ or ‘child’s pose’ to get your energized and focused for the day that lies ahead? For exercise that requires less movement (such as yoga, Tai Chi or walking), cotton clothing will give you the comfort you need. Just be sure to choose clothing that isn’t too tight—you want to put all your attention to the workout, not your workout gear.

Maximizing your workout is about the activity itself—not a fashion statement. To minimize distraction, improve focus and your success in the gym, choose the right fabric. As you’ll discover, it will make all the difference!