photodune-7433137-grilled-chicken-xsThere’s many myths surrounding the protein vs. carbs debate. How much protein do you need to consume daily? Do you have to avoid all carbs—at all costs? When it comes to food, don’t play into the madness and deprivation game. Instead, use our guide to create a healthy relationship with food again (and have carbs in the process!) Read all about it here.

Getting Your Protein In? It’s a Must for a Healthy Body and Mind

Getting an adequate amount of protein in daily is a must. Just think about it: protein are the building blocks of your body. When you deprive ourselves of protein, your nails, skin, muscles, and organs suffer. That’s not a great way to treat your body, is it? Of course not. That’s why studies tell us that you need 40 grams to 70 grams of protein per day, which is dependent on your weight and age.

For example, if you’re a 45 year old active woman, shoot for 45 grams per day. A teenager should shoot for 40 grams per day. A 30 year old sedentary male should shoot for 60 grams of protein daily – all of which is dependent on whether or not he’s trying to bulk up or tone down. No matter what sex or weight you may be, at least 40 grams of protein daily is a must – after all, your body is dependent on it.

A Quick Cheat Sheet on Protein Sources (No Matter How Busy You Are to Cook!)

Consider protein your new best friend. It gives you energy, acts as a weight loss aid and makes your body feel good! Don’t think you have time to cook three well balanced, protein-filled meals? Think again. Just throw grilled shrimp on top of a salad for a perfect lunch. Snack on trail mix to beat your mid-afternoon sugar cravings, and start with a scrambled egg masterpiece for breakfast (add mushrooms, ham and avocado for extra protein!)

Eating Carbs Doesn’t Have to be Complex

Just like there are good people in the world and…not so good people out there, there are good carbs and bad carbs. Bad carbs are simple carbs, and they come in the form of cookies, bread, and donuts. They taste great going down but cause your appetite to spike and your energy to diminish. Complex carbs are still carbs, but affect your body is a very different way.

From sweet potatoes to whole grains, they metabolize in your body differently than simple carbs (which are chocked full of sugar) and offer more nutritional value (such as fiber to fill you up and satisfy your cravings.) Stick to good ‘complex’ carbs, and make 50 percent of you daily calories carbs. Don’t be afraid – this is the stuff that will stabilize your blood sugar and believe it or not, keep you looking fit, slim and trim!