While your hard core workout does something awesome for your overall BMA and waist line, it can wreak havoc on your skin. So how can doing something so good for your body and mind leave such an unattractive aftermath of your weight lifting and/or cardio session?

While you work jump, squat and crunch (giving your will power a run for its money), your smooth forehead and blemish-free skin can turn tricks. According to the dermatologist, Dr. Hilary Reich, post-workout breakouts are a common problem for many. Here, learn what causes it and how to break free from the breakouts!

The Post-Workout Breakout Problem

Due to the natural oil of your skin and combined with the sweat that comes from a good run or weight lifting, often times we can leave the gym or track with clogged pores—which can cause major breakouts. If you already have oily skin in problem areas such as your forehead, back, chin or nose, you may notice more pimples than usual—especially after a grueling spin class or kickboxing session.

But no matter what your skin type and body type, just as you can’t get flat abs without working for it, you can’t eliminate post-workout breakouts without adapting your routine to accommodate your sweaty skin. Here are three easy ways to keep your skin—just like you do with the rest of your whole body—in perfect working order!

Skip the Trendy Clothes and Go For Functional

Your cute cardio workout pants may make your mid-section look smaller (especially during a low sodium day) but it’s not doing a thing for your acne breakouts. In fact, if you are prone to blemishes on your back or stomach, the solution could be as simple as a wardrobe change. Swap out your cotton or latex pants for workout gear that includes antibacterial yarn. Not only will you reduce the blemish flare-ups after an intense cardio workout, but it will save you all the stress that poor, oily skin can bring on.

Psst—here’s an additional tip to remember: as you focus on wearing the right clothes, also focus on the towel. As it turns out, when you wipe the sweat away with your hands, you’re actually inviting the opportunity for clogged pores, and a dirty face.

Start Your Workout With a Clean Face

Zits love dirt, and when you don’t clean your face before a workout by eliminating the oil, make-up and sweat before a workout, you’re almost asking for those post-workout breakouts to come on over. If you’re exercising outside, make sure to clean your face with your daily cleanser, and then generously apply moisturizer and sunscreen. This one tip can save you the agony of unnecessary acne following a workout you put your heart and soul into!

Hydrate Before, During and After Your Workout

Pores can be a stomping ground for blemishes when it’s not properly hydrated, so this tip—to keep those zany zits off of your forehead and chin away after any all-encompassing, adrenaline-releasing workout is by hydrating yourself with water before, during and after your workout. When you do, you’ll notice a smoother skin, a glow to your skin tone, and best of all, a blemish free bod!

Post-workout breakouts don’t have to occur, and when you the preventive measures as listed in this article, you can be sure to have not only a ripped body, but gorgeous skin you’re proud to show off!