You already know the ‘rules’ of a healthy mind and body: stay away from fast food, drink lots of water, and exercise regularly. But, did you also know that taking a power nap here and there can boost your mind and body health? Here, we’ll show you a few incredible benefits of a power nap, and how it can assist you in losing weight faster, and having a better workout than ever before—simply by being well rested!

Benefit #1: It’ll Allow You to Get Your Weight Under Control

If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, spending hours at the gym might be counter-productive, according to multiple studies done on sleep. The unfortunate truth is, whether you have the occasional bad night’s sleep or are chronically fatigued, your body goes into survival mode due to its lack of energy. It’s seeking out food that will immediately give it a burst of energy, which usually amounts to the biggest weight gain culprits of all: sugar and carbs! If you suffer from interrupted sleep, insomnia or high stress, taking a power nap during the day can allow you to get your mental health and weight under control, once and for all.

Benefit #2: Power Napping May Improve Heart Health

You may already commit to a daily or weekly series of workouts because you want to improve your heart’s health. By adding a few power naps post-workout, you can boost your heart’s health even more! A recent study conducted by cardiologist Dr. Manolis Kallistrato discovered that midday nappers (just a 20-30 minute sleep) decreased their blood pressure. Another study found that those who worked out three times a week and just thought about taking a nap decreased their blood pressure!

Benefit #3: Power Napping Boosts Alertness

It’s embarrassing to be in the middle of a meeting at work and have an uncontrollable series of yawns, or to be at the gym and feeling so fatigued you could take a nap right then and there. How about adding a power nap to your week and avoid the sleepies altogether? In fact, you could even boost your alertness and memory. One study showed the effects of nurses in the workplace who took a planned nap of 25 minutes. They showed less fatigue, worked with fewer performance lapses, and inserted IV’s more quickly than before the power nap!

Power naps are a great way to boost performance at work, and during your workout. They offer greater memory retention, boost your heart’s health, and offer a motivational boost you need to endure the stamina it takes to meet your fitness goals! Just 25-30 minutes a day, and you’ll maximize your workouts like never before.