Whether you have ten pounds to lose, or 150 pounds that need to come off, weight loss isn’t easy. It’s hard work. There’s no magic formula, and it requires dedication, focus and sometimes a change in lifestyle. So, how do you stay motivated when you have weeks or months ahead before you can realistically reach your goal weight? By using before and after pictures to keep the motivation going, that’s how!
It’s a Benchmark for Success
If you’re serious about losing weight, getting toned, strong and altogether sexy, ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures are a must. Here are two reasons why: first, your ‘before’ picture allows you to look at yourself honestly. It allows you to see the weight you’ve accumulated from your head to your toe. It forces you to feel the emotions (such as frustration, disappointment, etc.) and those emotions are the very FUEL you need, to act on the change required to improve your body. Secondly, ‘before’ pictures give you a honest starting point. No matter how much weight you have to lose, one day you’re going to take another picture and see a tremendous difference you can be proud of.
Here’s a tip: go to a couple different weight loss Facebook groups, and search through other people’s ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. (Make sure it’s not just any motivational group for weight loss, like a ‘No carb’ group. Instead, find a group that approaches weight loss reasonably, realistically and in a healthy way.) Look for someone who has a similar body shape as yours in their ‘beginning’ picture, and find inspiration by looking at their ‘after’ picture. Remember their progress, and use it as ammunition for your own!
Angry woman weighing scale. Slimming weight loss.It Can Substitute Obsessive Scale Weigh-Ins
Have you ever gone through committed workouts week after week, and a healthy diet, and felt proud of your accomplishments—only to weight yourself and feel the frustration of fluctuating weight? The scale can be a great way to measure your success, but when it’s the only way you measure success, it can sabotage your progress (your ‘number’ can fluctuate because of water retention, after a heavy meal, the time of day you weight, and other factors.)
However, by using a monthly updated picture as a method for determine progress, you can enjoy the process, and keep going full steam ahead with ease. Take a monthly picture of yourself in the same clothes you were in during your ‘before’ picture, and you’ll be amazed at how much your body has changed.
Whether you want to drop pounds, achieve lean muscle or simply develop a healthier body, remember: it takes time. There’s no magical formula. So, keep your eye on the prize and push yourself to be your best, every single day. You will, without a doubt, reach your goals. And you’ll look and feel incredible when you do!