Personal gym gadgets

Looking for more ways to get the most out of your workout? Try these new tools to help you push harder, stay motivated and track better. Here are six to try.

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth HRM Chest Strap

This newest version of the gadget comes in four colors and comfortably fits most chest sizes. It offers updateable firmware, enhanced battery life and built-in memory so you can store info about your last training session. GoPro, iOS and Android compatible.

Naboso Mind Body Mat

Take your yoga practice up a notch with this proprioceptive marvel. Designed to stimulate the body’s nervous system through the feet, this mat improves balance as well as stability in challenging poses. Recommended for improving stimulation in hands and feet throughout exercise. It’s a little pricey, but good for standing body exercise and floor work. Think yoga and Pilates. Looking for a little extra strength and stability with lifting? Naboso has a mat for that too.

Swimbuds headphones

Take your tunes down under with this waterproof Mp3 player (WMA is also supported). Shuffle your favorite swim playlist and power through laps. Swimbuds features a short-cord to minimize snags and comes with complimentary googles.

Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones

Get in the zone with powerful sound from Bose. Listen with fuss free ease, even during hard work outs. They are designed to stay in place and go the distance with a six-hour battery life. Bose Soundsport is waterproof and sweat proof, so you can power through without sweating the small stuff.

Skulpt Scanner

Target your workout to your unique needs and goals. The Skulpt Scanner uses body fat measurement and senses muscle strength and weakness to help you develop a personalized plan to burn fat and build muscle. Skulpt can even help you develop a nutrition plan based on what it “learns” about your physiology. Skulpt also keeps track of your progress and offers adjustments to fitness and nutrition advice as your body changes.

Smart Rope

This isn’t the jump rope you remember from the playground. Smart rope pairs with your smart phone to offer real time fitness feedback. This high-tech exercise tool is LED embedded and gives you your jump, as well as calories burned, count.

Personal gym gadgets can take your workout from boring to best. Explore these and more when you need a boost. Use the feedback, comfort, and data push they can provide to go harder. No matter what kind of fitness you’re into, mixing in some technology can help you reach new heights.