The lean, fit and rockin’ bodies of A-list celebrities – it’s tempting to want it, but how realistic is it to achieve it? Nearly everyone with a national media spotlight seems to be fit. In this article, we’ll examine the habits and training regimens of high-profile personalities, and answer the question of: “Is it doable for the average Joe, or not?”


She’s Hot, He’s Ripped


Mario Lopez. Kelly Ripa. J-Lo. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Mark Walberg. Khloe Kardashian. Will Smith. The list goes on and on – and for them to achieve that level of fitness, so do their workouts. That’s right! High profile celebrities are expected to be the optimal level of fit. So, what does it take? To be at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson level? It takes six days on, and one day off from high intensity muscle building workouts and an hour of cardio to get there. Halle Berry stays away from sugar, bread and sticks to whole foods – along with 30-minute workout 7 days a week. And, to put on 40 lbs. of muscle like Mark Walberg did for the movie, “Pain and Gain”? You’ll have to eat 10-12 times a day, cut out cardio, and endure 7 intense sets a week.


Quick Start Tips for a Fitter Physique


While this kind of set-up may not be possible for the average Joe (hey – you’ve got a life to live, after all), the following steps can move you in a fitter, healthier direction:


  • Treat your training like a ritual. Your body is a temple, so treat working out like sacred ground. Whether you’re starting a 3K a day, or weightlifting 3 days a week, focus on the act of working out like a gift, something to look forward to and privileged you get to participate in. As your attitude about working out changes, so will your body!


  • Fuel a fitter bod with fresh food. Eating well (before and after your workouts) will give you the energy and essential nutrients needed to repair and build for a smarter, and stronger body! Proteins. Healthy fats and complex carbs are the foundation for a fitter you.


  • Rest one day a week. Your body needs to repair, so give yourself the gift of a Wednesday, Friday or Sunday off. You earned it, and your body needs it to avoid burnout down the road, fatigue, or a risk of injury from overexertion.


While you may not have the time or energy required to work out like an A-list celebrity, you do have some quick-start skills to realistically change your body for the better – and become your healthiest, sexiest self!