Handsome muscular man posing with jumping ropeRope skipping is an easy, fun and affordable way to boost stamina and get in a great cardio workout. This childhood staple isn’t just for kids. Fitness enthusiasts from boxers to runners and even golfers are getting in the game to build agility and flexibility. Borrow one from your kid or buy one for about $20. You can jump rope virtually anywhere and skip your way to better health.


Boost fitness even if you’re busy

The Jump Rope Institute reports that just 10 minutes of fast rope jumping offers the same benefits as 30 minutes of exercise. If you are new to exercise, start where you are. Begin with just thirty seconds to one minute of rope jumping several times throughout the day. Increase time and speed as you build stamina and agility.

If you already have an at home routine, try adding 30 seconds of rope jumping between sets. For example: alternate 30 seconds of rope jumping with a routine that includes sets of bicep curls, triceps dips, crunches, lunges and squats for a total body workout.

How to jump indoors

You probably used to jump in the yard or driveway, but maybe that feels a little awkward now that you are an adult. If you want to jump indoors, choose a room without carpet that allows enough space for the rope to clear your head. Watch out for things like ceiling fans and light fixtures. You don’t need to jump super high. Just an inch or so off the ground is high enough. Be sure to wear supportive shoes (women, don’t forget your sports bra to protect yourself with the jumping).

skipping ropeChoosing a rope

Several options are available. On the most basic level you want a rope that is the right weight and not too long.  Your rope is the right height if the handles reach your armpits while you are standing in the middle. If not, roll the extra length around your hands to avoid tripping over an unwieldy rope. Jumprope.com recommends a 9ft rope for people between 5’4 and 5’10.

Jumping rope gets your heart rate up. This kind of aerobic activity is important for reducing your likelihood of chronic illness such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Add rope jumping to your regular routine to build endurance and cardio strength. If you aren’t currently exercising, rope jumping is a fun and easy way to ease back in the game.