gym woman personal trainer with weight trainingAre you new to weight training and have no idea what to do or how to do it? Weight training, also known as strength or resistant training, is one of the best forms of exercise you can do—and it’s one of the healthiest way to release stress. So, whether you want to improve your glutes, your ‘game’ on the court, or boost your confidence with a slimmer, toned physique, weight training is your way there. Here’s how to do it correctly, safety and successfully!

Today is Your Day (Push Through the Fear)

If you’re brand new to strength training, walking into that weight room for the first time can seem a bit intimating. To your left, you may see a body builder bench an insane amount of weight while giving out his best grunt; to your right you may see someone lunging and jumping rope with boundless adrenaline as though they were the energizer bunny.

The only difference between you and them is this:  commitment to a strength training schedule, and you have yet to set one. If you’re already devoting a few days a week to cardio, designate two to three days a week to strength training. In no time at all, you’ll be the one dominating the weight room.

Ready to lose some inches and gain muscle?

You may find that doing cardio alone just isn’t enough to reach your fitness and weight loss goals. When you incorporate a strength training program to your weekly workouts, you rev up your metabolism, causing fat to drop and inches to diminish. Start each session with a five minute warm-up. Walk at an incline, or ride the stationary bike to get your heart rate going, and to prevent injury during your workout.

Give Time to Each Muscle Group for Fast Results

Aim for a three day weight training schedule if possible, and organize your workouts in the following way: upper body, lower body, and core. For example, if you are strength training every Mon, Wed, and Fri, designate every Monday for an upper body workout, every Wednesday for a lower body workout and every Friday for a core workout. Maximize your time in the gym with isolating workouts. For example, on Monday, stick to a lower body workout by lunging, squatting, doing planks, leg curls, etc. On Wednesday (your upper body day) concentrate on push-ups, knee-ups, dips, chest presses, etc.

Do you want to sleep more soundly, have a release for the daily stress in your life, or improve your energy? Look no further than weight training. With countless mental and physical benefits, it offers you the body you’ve always wanted, and in less time than you think.