Who doesn’t love cruising the couch? After all, Netflix offers a wealth of excuses to skip that workout and veg – especially after a tough day. Sure, it feels good in the moment but there are consequences. Here are a few ways this seemingly harmless habit is actually hurting you.

Being sedentary is the new smoking
The average office worker sits for about ten to 12 hours a day. So much sitting leads to poor health outcomes including chronic illness, such as diabetes, and obesity. Shave an hour (and a few pounds) off your bottom with a daily workout. Can’t bear to part from your beloved show? Binge on your feet. Head for a gym with monitors, plug in these earphones and workout while you watch.

Sitting equals snacking
What’s your favorite program without your favorite food treat? Not so much fun, right. If hanging out on the couch with your TV friends from Netflix and a snack is your habit, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Mindless eating, the kind most of us do in front of the television, usually results in more calories consumed. We just eat more when we aren’t paying attention – even if we are full. You know the drill, more calories in + less movement = more pounds.

No answer for anxiety
More people report experiencing anxiety and depression. Although your first thought might be to seek comfort on the couch, resist it. Exercise has been proven as an effective way to manage both anxiety and depression. In one study, just ten minutes of brisk walking was found to ease anxiety. Researchers have also found that exercise is as effective for managing mild to moderate depression as anti-depressants. So, what does this mean? You can get on your feet to feel better.

Better bonding
Nobody likes to watch a good show with a talker. Create more opportunities to connect with friends and family by turning off the tube and hitting a trail. Talk as you walk and improve your health while you’re at it. You may even find that you walk (or do another form of exercise you enjoy) more regularly when you have an accountability buddy.

Enjoy better health
Countless studies point to exercise as the proverbial fountain of youth. It is an easy, accessible way to maintain strength, flexibility, and overall good health. When you choose instead to Netflix and chill you rob yourself of the chance to do your body some good. Opt instead for some balance. Make exercise a part of your regular routine and enjoy the Netflix and chill vibe in moderation.