Muscle Building Mistakes Most People Make

No matter what your fitness goals are, incorporating a strength training workout is important in order to reach those goals! However, if you aren’t seeing results, you may be doing it wrong. Here, we’ve identified the major muscle building mistakes most people make, and how to fix them, asap!

Training to Failure

Training to failure has its purpose and it has its place in the weight room. After all, you’ve got to push yourself to the limit if you want to build muscle. However, every workout should not be a ‘training to failure’ situation – otherwise, you’re going to experience fatigue. In addition, if you use everything you’ve got in the first set, you may not be able to lift through your third. Don’t expend all of your muscle strength right off the bat. Monitor what you’re lifting and how much you’re straining. It’s a marathon – not a sprint!

Eating Carbs Late

The truth is, no one gets it right 100 percent of the time. In fact, it’s common to do everything right in the weight room, but sabotage all of that hard work by what you’re doing outside of the weight room – like eating! If you’re looking to bulk up, it’s easy to think that you can overeat, but meals later in the day need to be thought out in order to see results. The earlier in your day, the more carbs you need (carbs provide energy). It’s also important for your pre and post workouts to keep those carbs going for enough ‘fuel’ to drag you on through your day. However, as the day wears on, ease up on your carbs. Your metabolism will slow down especially in the evening. Be sure that as night falls, your last meal of the day (and/or snack afterwards) is protein and fiber fueled.

Being Too Consistent

Huh? There’s such a thing as being too consistent in the weight room? Yes, there is! That is, when you’re doing the same exercise, with the same weight, in the same way, day after day. If you’re not seeing progress, it could be that you’ve plateaued. In order for your muscles to grow, you have to endure workouts that are challenging your body. Go outside your comfort zone and change up your workouts or add variations to what you’re currently doing. Tip: For your next workout, out do your last performance by adding weight, or time. You’ll see the progress in no time at all!