You know it, your co-worker’s have said it, and your devoted spouse reminds you of it frequently – when it comes to your weight loss, you’ve come a long way, baby. In your own community of those daily folks who know you and love you, you’re an inspiration. You’ve shown them that when you set your mind to something, you achieve it.

So why not use this powerful weight loss success to keep your own momentum going for good health, while also show others what they too, can achieve?

Your overweight coworker can’t let go of his 3pm vending machine snack. Your best friend has a trend of yo-yo dieting. Your children routinely beg for fast food on the weekends. It’s hard to beat the bad food blues, isn’t it? But what’s really hard to control is when the bad food that’s being eaten around you doesn’t go away, even if your own excess weight has. In fact, it can be downright torturous.


Become Their Motivation by Setting an Example

Most people would lose weight and get fit, if only they feel they could keep it off – -and that’s where you come in. Since you’ve already lost five lbs., 20 lbs., or more, you can motivate others to think about their own weight loss just by showing up, and showing them how amazing you look.  When you make working out, eating clean and continue to learn about what makes for a healthy life, you’re not just helping others – you’re helping yourself stay motivated.

This doesn’t mean you have to preach about why you should toss the red velvet cupcake and reach for an apple, or brag about how awesome it feels to button up your pants without sucking your stomach in. But it does mean that simply by encouraging a health program at work, making delicious healthy dinners your kids will love or inviting your best friend to take a Saturday morning spin class with you can work in multiple ways – it keeps you accountable for your own weight loss efforts, and motivates the people in your life to work on theirs.

Become a Life Size Vision Board

Everyone wants to see results, and rarely does anyone want to wait for the results to be seen. Staying on top of your weight loss goals can give everyone else in your life a vision board to focus on (a visual of what weight loss looks like in the flesh!) for what is possible. You are an achiever of your dreams, and have been for some time now – so keep your goals in the forefront of your mind, verbalize them to others in your life, and be sure to tell them when you have met each and every one.

Before you realize it, you’ll be the motivation they need to kick, lunge, and pedal their way to their own dream body, as you just became the best motivator they ever needed.