Looking for easy and painless ways to boost your metabolism? Here are a few ideas you can add to your daily routine to crank up the burn.

Eat breakfast

It is a myth that skipping meals is the way to slimmer waistline. The body needs energy to carry out basic functions. When you don’t provide that energy with food the body switches into conservation mode. That means everything, including your metabolism, slows down. Give your metabolism what it needs to crank along at optimal speeds. That is regular meals, including breakfast. The morning meal as well as other meals and snacks should include protein for added metabolism boosting benefits.

Exercise….. and add intervals

Intervals add interest to your regular exercise routine. They also help you build stamina and burn more calories and fat. Adding periods of high intensity exercise to your routine also boosts your metabolism. You get all these benefits in less time too. Thirty minutes of interval exercise, alternating periods of high and low intensity, is as effective as one-hour of constant pace exercise. Weight training also helps. Muscle is more efficient than fat so you can expect as you tone that your metabolism will tick along happily.

Stay hydrated

Water is the best hydrator. Keep some on hand so you don’t run the risk of a sluggish metabolism that comes with dehydration. Green tea is also an excellent choice. It is hydrating and contains compounds that boost metabolism and promote good health.

Add spicephotodune-4128764-spices-xs(1)

Sriracha, cayenne pepper, jalapeno’s …bring on the spice for extra flavor and a little extra kick for your metabolism as well. 

Take care

Poor sleep habits and high stress loads add up to slower metabolism. Keep yours chugging along by heading to bed at least 7 hours before you need to start your day. If you have trouble sleeping try a few minutes of gentle stretching to help you relax. Also, avoid screen time before bed time. Allow your body and mind time to wind down and release the cares of the day. To manage stress exercise regularly, write in a journal or color, keep things in perspective and practice mindfulness, yoga or Tai’Chi.

Mind your meals

Aim for variety rather than fads that cut out whole food groups. You can reach and maintain a healthy weight AND eat carbs. Instead of simple carbs like white bread and pasta, choose whole grains. Quinoa, brown rice, farro, spelt and barley are all good choices. They add fiber – so they’re filling, but they don’t send your blood sugar levels into a frenzy. Whole grains boost your metabolism, too.

There are some impacts on metabolism that we just don’t have control over. Things like gender (men generally have more muscle, thus higher metabolism), age (metabolism slows over time) or body type (ectomorphs often have higher metabolism than other body types). We do have control over how regularly we exercise, practice self-care, such as adequate sleep and stress management and food choices. Take advantage of those places where you have control to keep your metabolism working at its best.