For many people, working out or running is a form of meditation.  And many experts agree that meditation is a smart way to start your day. Hence, starting your morning with your own form of meditation, strength training, can be beneficial to your morning and entire day.

Whether you strength train in the gym or in your running shoes, read on to see the many ways you can de-stress your day with an active morning routine.

Make it a Routine

Humans are naturally creatures of habit. We like having a routine and sticking to it; not only does it keep our brains feeling organized, but gives us something to look forward to. Instead of deciding what time to set your alarm for, pick a workout time and keep it as a daily alarm. This takes the stress out of guessing when to wake up and whether or not you should hit the snooze button. You’ll start getting to work on time every day, allowing your morning to flow smoothly and without stress.

Have a Better Evening

With your workout out of the way, you can relax into your morning, without rushing to finish work so you can hop on the treadmill at 5pm. Being able to truly unwind at night will be beneficial to you every single day.

Clear Your Mind

It’s never good to start your day with a mind rattled from the previous day’s stresses. Instead, work it off. Strength training not only gets your metabolism flowing, but helps you think more clearly. Studies have found that this boost of mental acuity lasts four to ten hours after your workout.

With time set aside just for you, you are able to work through an issue that may be stressing you out and walk into work with a clear mind, ready to take on the day.

Get a Mental Boost

With a fresh shot of endorphins from your workout, you may never need a cup of coffee again. Not only are you more awake, but your mood is likely elevated, making a normally stressful situation easier to handle. Working out before a big meeting just might be the difference between success and failure.

Improve Your Commute

Not only will you likely be driving to work a bit later than usual, but you are better able to handle the 10 car backup on the freeway.  If you deal with excessive traffic to and from work, workout in the morning, get to the office later, and then beat the traffic home by leaving after rush hour. When you find a way to make your workout improve your day, it’s no longer a hassle.

Morning workouts are rarely preferred, however strength training in the morning is not only better for your body, but your mind, as well. A workout session to clear your mind in the AM reduces stress in the morning and throughout your entire day. So, wake up with the sun, put on your workout shoes, and start your day the right way.