If you’re 80 and want the agility of a 50 year old; a 50 year old who wants the flexibility of a 30 year old, or a 30 year old who wants to shake, rattle and rock and roll like the 20 year old you once were, here’s the answer: improve your leg coordination through specific lower body focused exercises, and improve the quality of your life. It’s really that simple.

Do you have chronic knee problems? Do you get regular shin splints or have an ankle that routinely goes out on you? Strengthen your lower body, and eliminate virtually any joint or muscle problems you currently have. Here’s how to change what’s not working, and ‘work out’ your lower legs to the point of transformation!



Why Your Coordination Matters

Why care about bodily coordination? What difference does it really make? If you think that your coordination, balance and agility won’t really affect you until you’re receiving senior discounts, think again. Your lower leg muscles are responsible for how well you balance while standing, how quickly you run on the treadmill, and the success rate at which you climb stairs, walk around the office, and even the strength you have when getting up from bed in the middle of the night. It’s not something you need to think about strengthening when you reach your ‘golden years’. It’s something to take action on right now, and here’s how.


You’ll Need a Broomstick For This One…

Let your torso get a great workout, while strengthening your lower limbs with this effective exercise.  Known as the ‘torso twist’, stand shoulder width apart, holding a broomstick over your head, and with your shoulder blades out. Now, lunge forward with your left knee, and until your right knee almost touches the ground. Slowly, and with controlled movements, turn your torso to one side while facing forward. Now, turn your torso to the other side. Repeat three times, and incorporate into your weekly workouts three times a week.




One Legged Jumping Jacks

For many men and women, performing a series of jumping jacks isn’t strenuous, and while it gives you a great cardio workout, it doesn’t focus as much on balance and stamina. That’s why for the sake of building up lower leg coordination, you need to add a ‘little something extra’ to your jumping jacks by performing them one leg at a time.  It’s more challenging than it sounds, so be patient with yourself! Jump on your left leg, with your right leg up and off the ground, slow and controlled until you’ve successfully completed 10 jumps without teetering. Now, jump on your right leg with your left leg off of the ground ten times. Repeat weekly, as often as needed.

As you begin strengthening your lower body, you’ll quickly experience a newfound coordination you never had. You’ll also achieve a stronger core, knees, ankles, hip flexors and back. Best of all, you’ll find that you walk, run, climb stairs and go from ‘here to there and back again’ pain free, and with the ease of a young and fit athlete!