Sugar – it’s one of the worst addictions you can face, and up there with drugs, alcohol, and even gambling. But it’s just sugar, right? You can kick it. Can’t you? Most people can’t, or at least not right away and not without the assistance of some help. Learn how to detox and kick your sugar addiction to the curb with these easy as pie yoga poses!

First Things First…

You crave sugar because you want to feel smarter, not inferior. You want to feel better from the stressful, anxiety ridden day of work you’ve had, and you want to create your own piece of heaven right here and right now. If you can’t get it from your relationship or your work life, then you’ll treat a chocolate bar as the bite after bite of paradise you’ve needed.

Instead of over indulging in rich chocolate cake, sugar cookies or a candy bar, why not reach down in child’s pose or stand like a tree? These yoga poses have the power to distract your mind, and give your body what it needs even more than sugar – calmness, peace and a happy balance you can control!

Child’s Pose to Achieve Calm (and Eliminate Cravings)

When a sugar craving hits, it’s most likely your brain scanning the first sweet thing it can to calm your stress and anxiety levels, but think about taking the time to reconnect with your body and your mind before reaching for that cupcake!

Start off sitting down and on your heels. Place your hands along the side of your thighs, and your palms facing out and upwards. Place your legs a few inches apart, and bend your upper body and head down to the ground. Stretch your arms out in front of you, and as you do, inhale deeply. Focus on a positive thought such as how good your body feels in the stretch, and resist the urge to think about sugar. Exhale, and focus on your perfect, in line body. Repeat three to four times.

Seated Chin + Hug

Sit down with your legs crossed. Wrap your arms around your right knee, and place your right knee nestled into the nape of your left elbow. Hold your right knee and support it with your left hand; as you do, lift your torso up and sit with a straight posture (still holding onto your left leg and moving your shoulders forward.) Gently moved from side to side, and open up your hip. Breathe in and out slowly, focusing on a positive word or affirmation as you let the sugar craving go, and the exercise in.

No matter how intense your sugar craving may be, a yoga pose can help you decrease your addiction in a healthy, zero calorie kind of way! Gain flexibility while reconnecting to what your body is really craving – total health and wellness!