Your children have spent most of the summer running around with their friends, from sunup until sundown. As the final stretch before school comes along, it’s important that you keep them as active as possible. Find as much time as you can fun activities that will keep them moving until fall sports start again. Here are a few ways to do that.

Take a Hike

Hiking is the perfect way to spend a warm August day. This will help build your child’s endurance, especially if it’s a longer hike, and keep their leg muscles working in new ways so they’re ready for basic conditioning when school starts.

Pick a hike close to home to start, because first-time hikers may be stubborn, wanting to turn around half-way up. Once they’ve hiked a few times you can take them further away.

 Enroll in a Camp

Summer camp kids as multiethnic school chldren with open hands holding letters as a symbol of recreation and fun education with a group working as a team for learning success.

Keep your kids in camp until the very last minute. This keeps them busy all day while you’re at work. While most camps keep your little ones running around, try a camp that’s focused on one particular sport. Think soccer, basketball, swimming or tennis. This means your children are working hard a new skill, or something they love, while staying active.

Register for a Family Race

More and more races are including kid-friend or family events as the sport of running becomes more popular. This gives you a chance to “train” as a family (even if it’s only for a 5K) and then cross the finish line together—a bonding experience unlike any other. Find a local race, get your kids involved and see their faces light up as you place a metal around their neck.

Start Active Traditions

Find something active the whole family likes to do, and make it a tradition. It can be something as simple as Sunday evening walks or Thursday night swims. Or, get the whole neighborhood involved and organize weekly wiffel ball, soccer or kick ball games—all kids and adults welcome.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Help your kids prepare for their fall sport by practicing with them, especially if they’re new to it this year. Head to your local park or school field and kick, toss and shoot a ball around to get them ready for the first week of the season. This will also get them excited about what’s the come, rather than bummed that the summer is over soon.