If you have been following the same exercise routine all year, you know that it can get very dull. Seasonally changing it up is a great way to keep yourself motivated to meet your goals. Consider keeping yourself even more motivated with a memorable trip or competition. 


Welcome Spring With Long Walks


Set a goal over the next three months to do some endurance walking. While you can set a cumulative goal and work on it a little each day, you may also want to participate in a longer walk. Look for events organized by volkssport organizations to join the fun. You may also want to plan a vacation to walk part of the Appalachian Continental Divide or Pacific Coast trails. Alternatively, you may want to pick up your speed and power to walk a race, like the Disney Princess Hall, Anthem Half Marathon or the One America 500. 


Burn Calories While Swimming in the Summer


Summer is a great time to go swimming, and lap swimming will help you get in shape or stay that way. Doing interval swimming in the pool can be a great cardio workout on a hot summer day. You may also want to test your abilities by competing in an open water swim race, like the Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim, where you swim from Asia to Europe, or the Victory Day Hellespont Race, believed to be the oldest swim race in the world. 


Bike up a Sweat in the Fall


The beautiful fall colors and cooler temperatures are significant motivational factors for hitting the road for a bike workout. Since biking is an activity that everyone can enjoy, consider bringing your family along. There are many great places to go for a fall bike ride, and many state parks have dedicated trails just for biking. Autumn is the perfect time to complete a century ride. Consider doing the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia’s Fall Foliage Weekend in Hanover, Pennsylvania, or the Pedal Your Butte Off in Crested Butte, Colorado. 


Hit the Slopes in the Winter


Winter is the perfect season to have fun in the snow, and there are many activities where you can build up your physique. Cross-country skiing burns about twice as many calories as downhill skiing. Sledding burns about the same amount as downhill skiing, so almost everyone can join in an outdoor winter workout if it snows. Consider heading to Adventure Mountain Lake at Lake Tahoe, California, Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis or Grand Mesa’s Old Powderhorn in Grand Junction, Colorado, to take your sledding adventure to a new level. 


Varying your fitness activity throughout the year will help you stay motivated. Planning a memorable trip during each season gives you a goal to keep training so that you will want to train hard every day. Get out and start exercising today.