Running CoupleHave you ever heard the expression, the couple that works out together, stays together? It’s true—heading to the weight room with your significant other boosts morale, sparks a deeper connection and keeps the spark in your relationship alive and well…very well! So, what’s better than a workout where your partner can motivate you (and act as your personal cheerleader/wingman)? Your partner that shares this powerfully healthy activity with you by their side. Here’s how to bring more friendly competition and weight room workouts into your romantic life.

Accountability is King

It’s one thing to head to the gym every day, as you burn off last night’s romantic dinner of French bread, buttery shrimp and those scalloped potatoes you love (and helped yourself to seconds of). But it’s quite another thing to keep yourself accountable day after day…when you’re burning calories and blasting fat alone. Who’s there to catch you when you fall? When you lack the motivation to press through another ten minutes of spin class? When you want nothing more than to feast on another dinner roll? Accountability is king—meaning, being and staying healthy is far easier when you have your partner cheering you on, removing the bread basket (with loving words of encouragement) and keeping you accountable for your actions.

You’ll Both Look Amazing Naked!

He watched you while you worked out your glutes. She saw you when you lifted your way to a six pack. Your sexual attractiveness has never been greater! One of the best things about working out with your ‘plus one’ is that you don’t have to worry about post-workout sweat being an issue. In fact, it will probably be a turn-on. Your partner will see you—and smell you—like he never has before. Meaning? When you work out together (pushing, motivating and encouraging one another along the way) you can crank out the romance and take your attraction to one another to a whole new level.

Because Happy Couples Work OutMan and woman working out on the rowing machine at the gym

Here’s the bottom line: working out together releases endorphins, which make you happy. Therefore, working out will increase the happiness in your relationship! Isn’t that enough of a reason to boost up the friendly competition in your romance? We think so. Lean on your significant other to teach you something about fitness you don’t know, or introduce a new thought about healthy eating that he hasn’t thought of before. Then, implement it into your relationship! The couple that works out together, stays together—it’s as simple as that!