photodune-6461260-blonde-girl-young-woman-running-jogging-in-autumn-fall-forest-park-xsSummer is over, leaves are changing and there’s a chill in the air. But, that’s no excuse to let your beach body fall victim to warm comfort foods and hibernation. Not only is it important to maintain the strength you’ve build over the summer, but an active lifestyle requires a strong and stable body—maintaining a workout routine in the cold season is the best way to do that.

Fall in love with fitness this fall instead of hiding in your sweats and puffy jackets. Choose fun activities, spend time outside and change your routine to stay motivated and excited.

Start a New Routine


Keep the exercise excitement alive with a new routine. Switch your splits—for example, do shoulders, chest and tri on Monday instead of Wednesday and make Thursday leg day—enroll in a few group classes or incorporate more strength training and less cardio.

Don’t just change what you do, but when you do it. This time of year it stays dark later in the morning, making it difficult to get out of your warm, cozy bed for a pre-work session. Start working out in the afternoon or after work if you’re skipping workouts to stay in bed longer.


Don’t Stay Inside


The chill is swooping in, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay inside. Don’t confine yourself to the gym (at least not until winter!). Instead try trail running to enjoy the gorgeous fall foliage or work out in your local park. Use a hot mug of coco or tea to motivate you to get through a chilly outdoor workout.


Find a Workout Buddy


Find someone who can workout at the same time as you and take turns picking each other up. If your buddy is waiting for you to bring them to the gym, and you don’t come through, they’ll be upset and you’ll feel awful. This is especially helpful in the morning, when later sunrises make it harder to get up and out of the house.


Change Your Focus


Use the fall to change which part of your body you’re working on. In the fall and winter, your arms are mostly covered in sweaters and long sleeved shirts. Focus on maintaining that muscle with low weight, high rep arm workouts and switch to tougher leg workouts. This will help you prep for winter sports like snowboarding and skiing, and keep your legs trim for your favorite pair of skinny jeans.