Who knew that one small tweak to your vitamin intake could provide you with such a positive impact on your overall health? Whether you want clearer skin, or you want to lower your cholesterol, fish oil is an amazingly simple way to improve your physical, mental and emotional health. Here are a few of the many benefits to bringing fish oil into your life—and how to add it into your diet naturally.

Fish Oil’s Many Benefits
The beauty of fish oil (which is the oil that comes from the tissue of oily fish such as white fish, wild caught salmon and anchovies) is that it contains the healthy fat, omega-3’s—which is essential for everything from your brain to your heart. In fact, according to studies done by the American Heart Association, omega-3’s reduces the risk of heart disease, as many trials involving fish oil diet have been shown to reduce the number of incidences of cardiovascular disease.

It Improves Your Ability to Lose Weight
Studies have found that people who were given fish oil three times a week lost an average of 2.5 more pounds than those who did not consume it, according to a study at the University of South Australia.

It Can Prevent Various Cancers
Studies have found that a diet high in fish oil may prevent certain cancers, such as breast, colon and prostate. This is supported by research pointing to the fact that omega-3’s contains an antiproliferative effect (which prevents cells from growing.)

It May Boost Your Immune System
If you deal with fatigue, or seem to be susceptible to the common cold, taking a fish oil supplement may just give your immune system the boost it needs. Omega-3’s has been shown to affect the amount of cytokines and eicosanoids in our body—which allows us to fight off the common cold and other diseases more easily. To bring more fish oil into your diet, here are some easy ways to implement it for a stronger heart, improved longevity and a tasty dinner, any night of the week:
salmon• Grill or bake salmon with olive oil, fresh lemon and chopped up dill. Serve with your favorite vegetables for a satisfying dinner with friends and/or family!
• Grill salmon (decorated in fresh rosemary) on skewers with tomatoes and onion, and serve on a bed of herbed rice pilaf for the perfect summertime meal.
• Treat yourself to a beautiful cut of seared tuna! Place it on top of a ‘buddha bowl’ (cut up carrots, corn, avocado and black beans, served on a bed of cauliflower rice or Jasmine rice, and topped with your favorite seasoning.)

Fat is your friend—or at least it is when you stick to healthy-for-the-heart omega-3 fatty oils. Add three servings of fish oil to your meal plan this week and enjoy all the benefits that come with it!