gym at the hotelTaking a break from work and the everyday bustle of life does not mean you also have to take a break from your exercise routine. Stay on track by changing it up. Make your workout plan flexible to keep it going while on a very busy or even a super relaxing vacation. Come home feeling refreshed, with some great memories and without the extra pounds.

Move in the morning

If willpower isn’t the problem the easiest way to keep up your workout while you travel is to use videos or the hotel gym to work up a sweat. Studies show that willpower wanes as we use it throughout the day. That means for best results you should get your workout in first thing in the morning. Walk or jog along the beach or ask the concierge about routes to try. Think creatively about your workout and look for exercise that feels restorative but keeps you moving. For example, take your tablet outdoors for help with a sunrise yoga or tai chi routine.

Practice when and then

Exercise will feel less like a chore when you know a reward will be in store. Encourage yourself to workout on vacation by employing a when and then strategy. For example, when I have completed my exercise routine for the day, then I will be able to share a guilt free dessert after dinner.

Make exercise part of your vacation

On a recent trip to Barcelona, we walked practically everywhere. Some days, we covered as many as five miles. The city was so beautiful, we didn’t even notice the effort. Instead of bus tours or cab rides, consider walking or bike tours on your next vacation. Choose accommodations that make it easy to walk to dinner, shops and other points of interest. Consider packing a pedometer or fitbit to count your miles. You’ll be surprised how quickly they add up. If you are in a hotel, it goes without saying that you should take the stairs whenever you can.

Set goals in advance

Decide how many minutes of exercise you would like to get in while you are on vacation. Next, decide how many days you will need to get in that amount of time. For example, if your plan is to get in 75 minutes of vigorous exercise you might decide to workout three days for 25 minutes. Putting your workout in context makes it seem less burdensome and can make it easier to get it done.

Couple Riding BikesMake working out a group goal

Vacation is about connection or reconnection to self and others. Exercise is a great way to facilitate that connection. Get others in your group to join you on a bike ride, hike or even a game of Frisbee, volley ball or flag football. You’ll share plenty of laughs and get some exercise in at the same time.

The key to keeping your workout routine up while on vacation may be to change the way you look at your routine. Your ultimate goal is to keep moving and elevate your heart rate a bit. It is okay to do something different from your home workout routine. There are a number of ways to do this that are fun and vacation friendly. Let this be a time to explore not just a new city, but also new ways of working out.