Do you ever think, “How am I ever going to accomplish everything I need to, today?” We hear you, and you’re not alone. Because, it between the work commitment and your social life, how do you make time for exercise? Here are some easy, simple and accessible ways for even the biggest social bee to get a workout in—any day of the week!
Cycle and Socialize
Whether your cubicle buddy wants to lose weight, or your best friend is as passionate right now about becoming healthier as you are, you have the perfect excuse—bring a buddy to spin class! Yes, spin (or SoulCycle—whatever trending bicycle class you have in your neck of the woods) is high intensity, and it’s intense—but you’ll be feeling the burn together. The end result? A backside to kill for, a core to brag about, and a tight bond of friendship that won’t soon fade.

Group smiling  working out of cycling in modern fitness club
Bring Your Family to the Gym
If your schedule is packed tight these days, and it’s simple too hard to get out of the house in time to get your cardio session in, why not make it a family affair? Whether you take a family Zumba class together (it’s a good workout, and your kids will have a blast), or you race your pre-teenagers in the pool (seeing who can do the best butterfly stroke the fastest!) exercise is a perfect activity for your entire family to do together! Remember—the family that works out together, can get through anything together!
Get Your Entire Social Network Involved in a Charity Run
What better time than the present to bring your whole network of friends, colleagues and neighbors together to raise money for abuse survivors, or breast cancer research? If your life is so busy that some days it leaves your head spinning, why not employ the ‘two birds with one stone’ technique? Go online and check out what races, fundraisers or charity mud runs are coming up, and encourage your social network to join your team! After all, when you get involved in your community AND exercise, you’ll get those feel good endorphins triggered (making you instantly happy, satisfied and healthy!)
No matter how crazy your schedule is, and how jam packed with activity your daily life has become, you can work out while enjoying your friendships and family. Bring them along, and feel the burn together!