With Halloween right around the corner, you’ve probably already started thinking about all the sweet treats coming your way. And while candy corn and chocolate bars do taste good, your waistline might not think it’s such a good idea.


However, there are ways you can satisfy your sweet tooth and get a workout while you prep for Halloween.


Make the Most of Outdoor Decorating


If you usually go all out for Halloween, then you know that creating the perfect spooky scenario outside is a must. In fact, if you love Halloween as much as we do, that probably means decorating the outside of your home, even in the yard.


Whether you’re staging spooky ghosts in a tree or stringing lights on your home, you can transform your ladder into a stepping machine. But before you start stepping, make sure that your ladder is in good working condition and safe to use. Once secure, you can use your ladder just like you would steps inside your home or a stepper in the gym. Circuit train by going up and down for 30 seconds, hit the ground for some burpees and then repeat.




Get your little ones involved and use this time to practice running from ghosts and goblins. Sprint across the yard and drop for a set of burpees before running back to the starting position. Not only will your kids love pretending they’re running away from creepy zombies, but you’ll also get your daily dose of cardio.


Pumpkin Lifting


Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins to carve. But before you get designing creepy pumpkins to spook your neighbors, you can use your pumpkin for strength training. In fact, you can use two smaller pumpkins as dumbbells to perform bicep curls and over-the-head triceps extensions.


You can also make use of storage boxes that house your Halloween decorations. Depending on the size, you can use these weights and lift prior to unloading. Find ones that you can easily lift without straining to work out your arms. But just like other types of strength training, make sure you’re using proper lifting techniques to protect your lower back and avoid injuries. Note, if lifting boxes isn’t an option, you can always use sturdy boxes as a stepper as well to tone your legs.


Hit the Ground


You can also use your yard as a makeshift HIIT class while getting ready for Hallow’s Eve. Choose a series of exercises that get your heart pumping, like burpees, mountain climbers and sumo squats. Perform each exercise for 45 seconds before moving on to the other without resting. Once complete, pause for one minute and repeat. Exercising outdoors is usually more invigorating, especially with crisp October winds.


You don’t need to skip working out just because you want to decorate for Halloween. Choose your favorite body-weight exercises and find ways to incorporate them into your decorating plans. Your waistline will thank you for it later.