Weight loss words on backgroundIf you’ve read the title of this post and it’s peaked your curiosity, we know why: has weight loss ever been fun for you?  Chances are, it hasn’t—and that’s because your conscious mind is associating weight loss with deprivation, while your subconscious mind is tapping into all those times of your past where you tried losing weight and failed. How about this—you tell yourself weight loss CAN be fun, while applying the techniques we’ve listed for you, here. We bet that when you do that, your mind AND your body will transform.

Eat Often (and Never, Ever Skip Breakfast!)

It seems like common sense: if you skip breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) then you’ll consume less calories. But the fact is, going more than 2-3 hours without eating is a recipe for a true life dieting disaster. Try to stick to unprocessed foods as much as possible, as well as having protein with every meal (especially breakfast, since your body has been basically fasting for the past six to eight hours).

Does eating healthy sound boring to you? If you’ve been in the habit of eating out and trying to make the transition to cooking at home, make it a bonding activity you do with your significant other!  Cooking beautiful, delicious and nutrient rich meals can boost your relationship as well as allow you to lose weight.

Women Taking Part In Zumba Class In GymMove Past the Monotony

In order for exercise to be fun, it has to include variety. So, if you have been a yo-yo dieter in the past, it’s probably because it felt like a job, not a privilege. Treat your workouts like a privilege—and honor, even, by repeating the following: my body is my temple, and I will treat it like one. If you’d rather get a root canal than run on the treadmill, know that isn’t the case for all types of exercise, and adjust your workout routine, accordingly.

Do you love to dance?

Then look up what your local gym has to offer. Try a Zumba class, a ballet style class, or a boot camp style workout. If you love to swim, incorporate an aquatic fitness class to your weekly mix, or to really burn some calories, push yourself by taking a spin class and unleash your inner Olympian cyclist (that’s dying to come out).

No matter what type of workout you choose, or what type of meals you decide to cook, know this: losing weight is a privilege. Make the conscious choice to strive for accomplishing one goal this week, and a new goal next week.

Stay focused on each cardio class you take, and each dish you prepare…knowing that you are, at this very moment, nourishing your body and mind—which is the secret to true weight loss. Your body is your temple after all, so treat it right.