If you’re just getting started with a running program, you may already have the gym (or an open trail) to train. But, what about the various other essentials you need to improve your overall time or performance? Here are some tips for runners of every level so that you can boost your endurance, strength, and speed!
shoes-1260718_640Get the Right Shoes (and Don’t Forget About Running Barefoot, Too!)
To have a successful run, you’ve got to have the right pair of shoes. When you know what you’re looking for, then you can ask for it! Here’s your running shoe wish list, from toe to heel:
•    Heel. You don’t want a shoe that you can easily slip out of. You also don’t want it to be so tight you have to undo your laces in order to get them off. Instead, go for just right, by finding a shoe that you can comfortably get your heel in and out of without undoing your laces.
•    Width and length. When it comes to running shoes, don’t spare a few dollars on a cheaper, or more aggressively advertised brand. Forget about a shoe’s bells and whistles. You should focus on comfort (asking a experienced employee to size you) and ensure that its wide enough so that you can move your foot around without it crossing over the side of the insole.
•    Try on shoes in the afternoon. Did you know that your feet typically swell in the morning? Don’t try on shoes in the morning, because by the afternoon you  may discover you bought the wrong size!
Pass on Dessert
Did you know that losing weight can help you to become a faster, stronger runner? While you may have heard that building muscle is the key to making a strong finish across the finish line, a lean body is what can help you improve even more powerfully than body building or weight training alone.
The proof is in the research: for every half pound of weight you lose, expect to save about two minutes of running time in a marathon setting. It makes logical sense too because the more extra weight you’re carrying, the longer it will take to finish the race. But, if you’re opting to lose weight, consult a physician so you can go about it in a healthy way.
Look Up (Not Down)
Those who are new to running accidentally and incorrectly run with their head down. Even if you struggle to push yourself past the fifth mile (to make it to the sixth, seventh and eighth!) your posture accounts for your success. Make sure to look ahead 10 meters or so in the distance, and you’ll save yourself time (and the neck and shoulder pain looking down will cause you!)