Finding the right gym isn’t easy! Without the proper research and planning, it’s very easy to choose a gym you think is perfect, commit to a long-term membership, and then find out after the fact that it isn’t right for you. By following these four steps, however, you can find a gym that is convenient, has a friendly community of members and is complementary to your budget and specific needs.

Pick an Accessible Gym

It’s is important to choose a gym that is either close to where you live or a convenient stop based on your daily routine.

By creating an initial list of gyms that are convenient to attend, you are able to significantly shorten your list, which gives you the ability to better research the ones that made the initial cut.

While a 20 mile radius from your home is recommended, the most important consideration is how convenient attending the gym is for you. Therefore, if a particular gym is thirty minutes away but is close to where you work, then it may still be the right choice.

Post Your Progress!

After creating a shortlist of possible gyms, it’s time to find out how customers (both past and present) feel. Check and see if the gym you are considering has a social media page, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

“Surround yourself around fitness minded people. Positivity can be so contagious!”

Put out a social media post letting your followers know you are actively searching for a great gym and would love any suggestions. Word of mouth can be a very powerful tool, so use it to your advantage as you find the perfect gym for you.

Establish Your Budget and Specific Needs

You can narrow your list even further by establishing your budget and specific needs.

If a particular gym membership is way out of your price range or doesn’t have a machine you need, then eliminate it from your list.

Check the hours of operation. If you want the flexibility to work out whenever you desire, then consider choosing a gym that is open 24 hours (rather than a specialty gym which tends to have more restricted hours of operation).

Visit the Gym(s)

At this point, you should have a shortened list of just a few gyms that seem like a good fit.

The last thing to do is to take a ‘test drive’. Most gyms will allow guests to work out one time for free, so contact the gym and schedule a time to visit.

Be sure to visit during the hours you are planning to attend. If the gym is packed with people to the point you can’t get to your favorite machines, you may need to try your second option. Doing your homework is important when it comes to finding the right gym—but it’s worth the investment. Your body is your temple, so working out in the right gym will pay off in multiple ways – body, mind and soul!