Healthy eating doesn’t have to break the bank. Use these tips and tricks to save money and maybe even slim your waistline.

Double your dollars
If you receive SNAP support (supplemental nutrition assistance program), you may be able to double your dollars at your local farmer’s market. Participating markets offer SNAP shoppers a dollar for dollar match on produce items. This is a great way to stretch your grocery budget and eat healthy. Research double SNAP dollars in your area to learn more.

Join a Co-op
When you shop at a co-op you help your community and save money, too. Co-op’s offer greater access to affordable, organic food than many conventional grocery stores. Enjoy an array of seasonal foods for nutritional and culinary variety. Every meal can feel like an affordable food adventure.

Sign up to save
Your local grocer likely has a membership program. Sign up for special discounts and deals that can cut hundreds of dollars off your grocery bill each year. You can even select coupons digitally so you don’t have to worry about losing them or leaving them behind. When you load coupons onto a membership card they are ready to help you save whenever you shop. Make your shopping list from your grocer’s sale circular to be sure you are getting the best deals.

list-850184_640Make a list
Shopping with a list reduces impulse purchases so you can better stay on budget. Another bonus of shopping with a list is that it forces you to plan ahead. You are less likely to purchase items that don’t fit into your meal plan for the week, which may mean less food waste.

Plan a veggie day
You don’t need meat to get protein or great taste. Add quinoa to your evening meal with lentils or chickpeas for a filling meal that costs only pennies per person. You can also try black bean cakes with brown rice for a satisfying meal that won’t bust your budget.

Buy in bulk
Family packs of chicken, pork or beef are generally cheaper by the pound than smaller packages. Buy large packs and freeze in meal size portions for better deals on meat and fish.

Reduce waste
Use what you have on hand to create a stir-fry or make a pot of soup instead of throwing away ingredients. When you have only a little of this and that, have your own dim sum style potluck dinners. Every can have a little taste of whatever you have on hand.

Sign up for Savings Catcher
When you sign up Wal-Mart offers automatic cash back on a card if another local store offers an item you purchased at a lower cost than you paid at Wal-Mart. Check other retailers for similar money back deals.

Saving money is a cinch when you use these tips. Here’s to staying healthy and on budget!