The workplace can be one of the sneakiest environments for weight gain. But, between your office’s vending machines, a slice of birthday cake every time you have a co-worker with a birthday, or the jar of M&M’s that sit on your desk for easy munching, isn’t it time you clean out that ‘junk food clutter’ and get healthy once and for all?
Clear the Clutter
If you clear your office space to snack on foods that are rich in protein, ‘good’ carbs and healthy fats, you’ll boost brain power, improve your productivity and avoid the afternoon energy lull. Apply the ‘feng shui eating practice at work, and you’ll have an easier time focusing on healthy, nutrition-rich foods! Here’s how to do it:
• A clean space is a healthy space. How orderly is your desk at work? If you have piles of paperwork everywhere, a disarray of post-it notes reminding you of your priorities, and candy bar wrappers hidden in your desk, eliminate your stress triggers by wiping everything away. Start each week by spending just ten minutes organizing your thoughts—and your paperwork. Throw away any papers you don’t need, and get rid of that jar of candies you refer to when times get stressful.

• Out of sight, out of mind. Are there certain colors that put your mind at ease? Soft greens (such as sage) or other harmonious hues (such as lavender, soft browns or red) can spark creativity and power. Bring a house plant to your desk or a bouquet of flowers. Make space in your drawers for healthy snack alternatives—which will help you to avoid daily trips to the vending machine.
On a dietFood Prep For Weekday Lunches
One of the unhealthy work traps people get into is the habit of eating out for lunch. Some salads at your favorite lunch spot can even set you back 1,000 calories! To save money, and spare empty calories, here are some delicious, and easy to assemble work lunch ideas, so you’re never left hungry and always satisfied:
• A healthier spin on the BLT. If you love a BLT, switch out calorie-lacking white bread for nutrient dense multi-grain bread instead. Switch to light mayo instead of the full fat version, and load it up with veggies. That way, you can enjoy the bacon without any of the guilt!

• An avocado and white bean wrap. This delicious work meal will boost your brain power, as it contains avocado, as well as protein rich beans for a protein boost. All you need is your favorite type of tortilla (spinach tortilla is a great choice), and mash up the beans and avocado. Wrap it up along with tomatoes, onion, lettuce, and sprouts. It’s a delicious, brain boosting lunch you’ll crave, again and again.
• Graze on mini meals. If you want to avoid sugar cravings, grazing on mini meals will do it! Load up your drawer (or the break room fridge) with plenty of options: apples and peanut butter, deli sliced turkey or ham, cheese sticks, multi-grain crackers and hummus, greek yogurt, fresh fruit and cut up veggies along with your favorite dip. Make sure to have something to eat every 2-3 hours, and you’ll never feel starved again.
When you plan ahead, you can actually lose weight while sitting at your desk all day! Enjoy nutritional, and delicious food when you apply the above techniques.