How to Build Muscle Naturally


Many people work out to build muscle. There are usually two goals, build muscle to look lean and lose inches or build muscle to build bulk and gain size. The following tips can help with both to a degree. Read on to learn more.


Get serious about your weight training program

Aim to lift a minimum of three days weekly. Prepare to work like you mean business because you won’t build muscle by neglecting your workout.


· Add squats, biceps curls, lat pull-downs, triceps extensions and bench presses to your rotation.

· Lift heavier weight over longer, slower sets. For example, rather than choose a weight you can easily lift for a quick 10 reps, choose one that takes effort and time and slowly lift for 15 reps. Lifting this way can help you build bulk more quickly.

· Rest between sets. Going harder requires more recovery time, max your capacity during the set and give yourself extended time (60 to 120 seconds) before going to the next set.

·Do some super-sets. Think biceps and triceps exercises to supercharge your muscle-building power naturally.

·Keep a training log to chart and build on your progress.


Fuel your form

Proper nutrition is essential for building muscle naturally. Opt for a mix of protein and carbs, yes carbs. Don’t fall into the trap of cutting all carbs because you need them for energy. Lean meats, legumes, whole grains, and dairy are important for building muscle and helping you stay energized to go hard when you train.


Skip the late show

Rest and recovery are important for building muscle. Again, you want to be able to do your best when you train. But that isn’t the only reason rest and recovery matter. Muscles do the work of repairing and growing when you rest. Without this critical piece of the training puzzle, you will not get the results you want.


Cut back on the alcohol

Whether you want to get lean or bulk up, you’ll need sufficient calories. To be successful, you’ll need to be choosy. Think of your body like your car. What you put in impacts performance. Empty or high-fat calories sabotage your work and contribute nothing to your goal. Staying hydrated is important for building muscle, so when you’re thirsty reach for water.


Be realistic

If you train consistently, rest well and fuel with muscle-building foods you should expect to start seeing a change in just a few weeks. Stay with it. If you want to build muscle sans the supplements, it is possible with patience.