Like everything else, moderation (when it comes to exercise) is essential. In order to continue progressing, reaching goals, and transforming your body into its fittest, you need to know the ‘burnout’ signs. When you do, you can bypass weight loss plateau, stabilize your weight, and remain energized.

The Four Stages of Exercise
When it comes to exercising efficiently, it’s important to know the four stages of working out. When you know the signs of burnout, you can change up your routine in order to continue generating results! Stage one is the honeymoon period. You have a goal to reach (such as getting into your skinny jeans by next month), and you stick to your workouts with focus and determination. In fact, you may be so motivated during this period that your friends and family are in awe of your conviction.

Stage two is the disengagement period, in which working out has become a habit, and you’ve gotten into the routine of working out 4-6 days a week, with a consistent dedication and workout. Your head isn’t in the game as much as it was during the ‘honeymoon’ phase. The third and fourth stage of working out is known as ‘stalling and surrender’. Perhaps you haven’t reached your goal yet, or you have made improvements, but you’re frustrated you aren’t as far along as you expected to be by now. During this stage, you can experience disappointment, hopelessness and what’s known as ‘burnout.’

Surrender Solutions
If you’ve lost that ‘loving feeling’ for your workouts, there’s hope! In fact, there are a few powerfully effective tactics for beating your plateau, while also improving your state of mind. They are:
• Changing up your routine. Workout burnout can sometimes happen when your routine has become monotonous. Are you going through the same motions, and the same workouts, week after week? For example, if you take the same spin class twice a week and notice that your head isn’t quite ‘in the game’ like it was a month or two ago, take a spinning break and choose another high-intensity workout that will get your heart rate up. Aquatic fitness is a great choice, and like spin class, it’ll go easy on your joints.

• Adopting a less-is-more workout to really challenge yourself. Burnout can also develop when you feel like you don’t quite have the time to devote to a 90-minute workout like you used to. Experiencing a lack of energy and motivation like you used to have is normal; all you’ve got to do is shift the length of time you work out, by really challenging yourself through a fast-paced, high-intensity interval workout that lasts no more than 30 minutes. Jumping lunges, rope slams and burpees (using the bosu ball to lift overhead after each burpee) is a fantastic workout to start with!

Make your next workout one that’s packed with heart racing fun, and a challenge that will get your head back in the game!