Head into any weight room in any gym in America and you’ll see the proof: people of all ages (from high school students to retired school teachers) are using strength training to get toned, lose weight, de-stress and feel more confident than ever before. Here, we’ll set the record straight about strength training— and how it’s no longer for body builders, but for anyone who wants to live a happy and healthy life.

Lift Weights, Burn Fat, Be Happy!
Research shows that when you lift weights three times a week, you can burn fat at a speedy rate, as compared to losing weight with just cardiovascular exercise alone. Strength training is typically done with free weights, but in order to speed up your weight loss results, why not opt for metabolic rate conditioning? Metabolic strength training is the new method to the old tried-and-true weight lifting program. It allows you to challenge your body through high intensity intervals, and using a combination of free weights, kettlebells, resistant bands and dumbbells. Commit to three, thirty minute sessions a week and you’ll practically be able to see the fat melt off of your trouble areas!

Don’t Just Lose Weight, Get Lean Muscle Too
Some people make the mistake of lifting weights for weeks, or months, only to find out that the body shape they’ve achieved isn’t the one they want—they’ve bulked up without leaning out. But, by strength training through more reps (and not as much weight), you can achieve that sleek, thin and strong physique you’ve been craving— and all while increasing your metabolic rate. This is because when you strength training (whether it’s bicep curls or tricep dips), you’re increasing your muscle mass, and studies show that the more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolic rate becomes.
Female Athlete Doing Her Strength Training
Start With Cardio, Then Slide into a Strength Training Routine
One of the tricks of effective and powerful training results is a simple one, too: start with cardio (to burn tons of calories), and then head right to a strength training workout. Why? Because after your workout, you’ll continue to burn calories for 48-72 hours afterwards. Strength training is a highly effective, transformative way to not only build up that muscle you want, but to blast fat (and continue blasting it while you sleep, watch TV or even eat!) No matter what your weight loss goals may be, strength training is one of your biggest allies to a sculpted, gorgeous body!