How Often Should I Go to the Gym?

 Progress all comes down to consistency. If you want to reach your weight loss or fitness goals, you’ve got to put in the work by going to the gym! How often should you go to get the results you want? Keep reading to find out!


Your Goals Determine Your Workout Schedule

How often you should work out depends on what your goals are, but as a rule of thumb, 3-5 days is ideal. Three to five days weekly is ideal. Make sure to have one rest day between workouts and two consecutive rests days so you don’t burn out or experience chronic fatigue.

To determine how often you should work out, consider your goals. Someone who wants to learn 50 lbs. of weight will need to increase the frequency of their workouts, whereas someone who wants add some muscle may focus on shorter workouts. Focus on quality of workouts, versus quantity.

Whatever your goal may be (a healthier routine, weight loss, adding bulk), do so with taking your time to work out the right way. For example, you won’t succeed with losing weight if you’re taking it easy on the treadmill and going at a moderate pace. You will lose weight if you can enter a fat burning zone by cycling, rowing, or taking a kickboxing class.  Choose two days (or more) you commit to, and stick to it!


A Determined Mind Gets Results

Building a routine is about consistency. Do morning routines vs. evening routines work best for you? Where in your week would it be most convenient to go to the gym? Setting yourself up for success is by taking it one workout at a time. Enjoy the process of getting fitter, leaner and healthier. You deserve this. In no time at all, you’ll start seeing the results you want.