Are you killing yourself at the gym just in an effort to lose that stubborn muffin top or back fat—and not seeing the results you should? Before you run another mile or lift that barbell, know this: there’s only so many calories you can burn. However—combine killer workouts with a killer nutritional weekly plan, and you’ve got what it takes to burn fat, blast always the calories and have a body that you haven’t ever been so lucky to have.  This article addresses how long your workouts need to be, and how to make every second count.
You Can Get Too Much of a Good Thing
The first (and most important) thing that you need to know when determining how much exercise you should take in to lose weight is, the average person only burns 300 calories during a half hour of exercise.
So, if you’re wasting hours of your life at the gym every day (only to attempt to reduce your thigh fat), you may wind up feeling frustrated and hopeless—simply because it seems that the more you work out, the less you’re actually working off.
So, if you really want to lose weight by working out, you need to focus on quality not quantity—which means that when you work out right, all you need is thirty to forty-five minutes.  Here are some tips to help you achieve just that:
•    Make sure to include several weight lifting sessions into your weekly workout. When it comes to working out for weight loss, most people make the classic mistake of heading to the treadmill, the stair master or the elliptical without ever stepping foot in the weight room.

Young man and woman lifting weight

While cardio is important, weight lifting is even more important. That’s because it’s strength training that’s responsible for blasting fat and raising your metabolism. Meaning? After you’re long done with your cardio session and at the office working on spreadsheets, strength training allows you the ability to continue burning fat (yep, even while you’re doing nothing but sitting down.)

•    Make your workouts short, intense and to-the-point. Don’t waste time working out when you aren’t making progress, anyways. Get in and get out, instead. Focus on high intensity workouts with shorter rest times. So, if you’re doing an afternoon of lunges, squats, push-ups and crunches, up the intensity wherever you can.

Switch out classic push-ups for diamonds (where your hands come together to form a diamond shape as you push down), and do crunches at a steep incline. Rest for a shorter period in between, and you’ve just created a killer workout that will give you results!

•    Focus on what you’re really putting into your body. The most important thing to focus on is the type of carbs you’re consuming. Is it white rice or veggies that you’re getting your carb intake from? Focus on lean vegetables and fruits for a carb intake, as well as plenty of protein and you’re set to lose weight. Munch on crackers, potatoes and pasta and you’ll store the sugar, which will become fat (and which will make it really rough to lose.)

Now you have it – an exercise plan that really makes sense, and will allow you to finally shed those pounds!  Don’t sweat it out for hours. All you need is thirty to forty-five minutes per session and you’ll quickly start earning that body you deserve.