So, you think hula hooping is a quasi-form of a workout? You may want to think again. Whether you take a hula hooping workout at your gym, or purchase one at your local ‘everything-in-one’ store and try it in the privacy of your own home, hula hooping isn’t for the faint. It’s a serious workout! Here’s why—and how—to make it work for you.

Hula-hoopsHula Some Hoop, Burn Some Calories

Today’s hula hooping isn’t child’s play, and it’s definitely not the type of hula hooping you might have done as a third grader. The newest (and hottest) fitness trend is hula hooping, and perfect for anyone who wants to burn calories, blast fat, increase their energy and maximize their endurance. In fact, according to a study by the American Council on Exercise, in which 16 women were monitored as they hooped for 30 minutes, hula hooping can boost your heart rate by nearly 84 percent, and allow you to burn 210 calories (in a 30 minute class.)

An Alternative to Your Ordinary Full Body Workout

One of the best benefits about hula hooping is that it’s a total body workout. If you’re tired of spin class, using the rowing machine or doing squat after squat, try out your hooping skills for 30 minutes. Just make sure that you buy a weighted hoop (as opposed to the light, plastic hula hoops you can find at a toy store.) Be prepared to work out your arm, legs, back and best of all…core muscles. Getting your heart rate up to 150 within a few minutes isn’t bad. In fact, hula hooping for at least 30 minutes can be an even better workout than boot camp, or running on a treadmill (and it’s much more fun!)

Who knew that after 50 years after the hoop was introduced as a child’s toy, it would make its comeback as one of the best fitness tools around? When choosing yours, make sure it’s made for an adult, and weighting at least one or two pounds.  Here’s a simple (but challenging!) hula hoop workout to try. It’s to-the-point and a great full body workout you’ll get hooked on!

  • Start by positioning yourself with your left foot slightly forward, and place your hoop so that it’s pressing against your back. Hold on to either side of the hoophula hoop firmly, and spin your hoop around your waist in a counterclockwise motion.
  • Your goal is to keep the hoop moving, and in order to do this, make sure that you rotate your weight from the back of your legs to your front. As you begin to practice this motion, your hoop may start to drop. If that happens, adjust your posture by standing up as straight as you can and thrust your body into your hoop as it comes towards you.

Hooping is a fun workout that gives you results! Whether you want a simple change up to your usual workout routine, or you want a workout you can take with you (to the park, to a friend’s house, or simply one that can be done in your own backyard), hooping is happening. It’s all the rage. And, it’s the perfect way to blend functional with fun.