Many people know the basics of testosterone. It’s the male hormone that is associated with sex drive. We hold it responsible for a hyper, physical toddler who is insistent on acting out by hitting, lunging or grabbing his brother. We see it manifest in many ways for teenage boys, who can’t quite get a grip on their raging hormones except for chasing around girls, playing sports and acting out  with enthusiasm.

But when it comes to the adult male who wants to improve his testosterone levels, just what are the health benefits, and how can he improve their overall health as a result?

Testosterone levels over time will decrease, which is why it’s important for every man to exercise correctly, in order to be in balance emotionally, physically and sexually. Here’s a guide for every man who wants to be in the best shape of their life!

Because You Could Use a Confidence Boost

No one is without a period of the blues from time to time – and that means you. Whether you feel a bit down about your work performance after your yearly review, or you have gained back a few pounds after working so hard this year to lose your holiday weight, confidence is key – and getting it back is a must.

If you frequently feel blue, or just low in energy, it could be because of low testosterone. Don’t waste another minute fighting off fluctuating moods; instead, bring in some hard core exercise to not just feel better immediately, but to raise your testosterone levels so that you can be balanced, happier and grounded in a heartbeat.

Add some squats to your workout plan (at least once or twice during your weekly workout), and then follow it up with some pull-ups. The key to increasing your testosterone is really challenging yourself with a sweat session. The goal is to focus on multiple joint exercises that will work your deltoids, biceps and lats. As a side note, when you increase your testosterone through exercise, you won’t just feel more in balance, happier or energetic. You may also feel like a teenager again – passionate, excited and ready to take each and every bull by the horns.