There are two things you need to do in order to slim and trim your way to becoming spring break ready: eat right and get moving! Whether you’re wanting a tight and toned body because you’re off to Mexico for Spring Break, or you simply want to look incredible in shorts and a tank top, eating right is the key to quick and lasting body health and the perfect starting point. Read on to learn how to do it the right way.
First, Load Up on Foods That Flatten (Not Bloat)- Fiber, Protein and Fats
If you want to feel good about showing off a bare midsection, then you need to focus on certain foods that will flatten—not bloat—your stomach, right? The most important thing you can do to flatten your midsection is filling up on protein with each meal. By eating lean cuts of chicken, eggs, shrimp, yogurt, legumes, and oatmeal (among others) you’ll feel fuller longer while also burning fat calories.
Next, don’t avoid carbs—because complex carbohydrates turn your food into energy, which you need! Good sources of carbs include oatmeal, potatoes carrots and artichokes. In addition to your protein and carbs, make sure to apply any of the following to your diet to flatten and trim your body—and you’ll get the healthy fats and fiber your body needs to thrive:
• Salmon, herring or trout (these fish can also reduce inflammation)
• Almonds, walnuts and other nuts and seeds. (You can add a helping of flaxseeds to your yogurt or smoothie for an added fiber boost.)
• Whole wheat brown rice, spaghetti or quinoa
• Fruits and vegetables (eat as many as you can throughout your week, as they’re not only packed with nutrients but are instrumental in helping you feel fuller longer.)
ginger-1191945_640Add Turmeric to Your Weekly Meal Plan
If you haven’t heard of turmeric, the popular spice that is often used in South American dishes, then you’re about to be let in on a secret for true weight loss and around important, life-changing health. According to several studies, ground turmeric has the healing properties of over eleven prescription drugs put together. It can improve your digestion and immune system, act as a sleeping aid for a solid night’s rest and keep your weight in check by containing a bloat-resistant sodium level your body needs to feel and look its best.
Why? Because the minerals contained in turmeric causes water retention from your bloodstream to move into your skin—giving you a glow and slender look. Sprinkle some turmeric on chicken or shrimp, and stir-fry with a plate of delicious vegetables for a healthy and satisfying meal.