If you love everything that has to do with staying fit, and you love being involved in your community, put these two activities together! Use your enthusiasm for fitness to help others and build relationships along the way! 


Giving Back Through Exercise 


One of the great things about working out for a cause is that it kills two birds with one stone, and makes you feel twice as good! Whether you live in the heart of the city, or on the outskirts of town; whether you’re already involved with a local charity or you are looking for one to get started with, the following tips make it easy, simple and straight forward:


  • Use the app. Atlas Run is one of the easiest ways to give back through the workouts you already do. Download the app (Atlas Run) and rack up cash for every mile you run. Here’s how it works: for every mile you run, you’ll unlock donations given by sponsors such as DropBox and AT&T. Compete for your hike, walk or run and then simply choose your charity, and presto! You’ve just done some good by doing an activity you already love to do. 


  • Girls on the Run. This organization is devoted to raising funds for underprivileged girls all over the globe that teaches them how to build healthy and empowered futures. Sign up through their website (there’s a 5K held at the end of every season) and raise funds for a well-deserved organization. 


  • StickK. Looking for some motivation to work out? That’s what StickK is all about! Here’s how it works: You set a goal for a healthier lifestyle. It could be getting to the gym twice a week, meditating, or reading instead of watching TV during the weekdays. Then, you put a set amount of money on the line, acting as a “contract.” If you meet your goal, you donate that money to your charity of choice. If you don’t meet your goal, your money goes to a charity you hate or don’t approve of. Talk about motivation! 


Which one will you try? Being involved in your community and using physical activity to give back is a win/win!