You can’t deny it: if you’re looking for a weekly workout plan, the gym is the place to be. Affordable and convenient, it offers equipment, classes and encouragement to help you reach your goals. But is it demanding too much? We examine whether the accessibility of your gym overrides convenience.


The Demands of Your Gym


Your gym meets all the marks on your checklist: convenience, close to home, flexible hours to accommodate your schedule, and affordability. You join with confidence and choose a month-to-month plan. But, as you start working out those quads and biceps, you are made aware of some rules you didn’t know existed. Your time allowance is limited. The gym’s hygiene regulations are strict, and you’ve now been reprimanded on ‘gym etiquette’ by a veteran weightlifter. What gives?


Loopholes in the Rules


Ok – it’s time to learn your way around the system. If you depend on a gym to work out – who doesn’t? – then it’s time to follow the rules – to a point. Let’s say you love your spin class, but you can only get there right when it starts. The rules state you must get there 5-10 minutes before it begins. Instead of feeling like you’re forced to leave work early in order to get to your class, get to know the instructor and tell her your situation. Then, offer to slid into the back row so you don’t disturb the class when you arrive. Or, ask her what other classes she teaches that may work with your schedule. If you lift weights but hate the restricted time you can use the weights, ‘weigh’ your options with days/times that are less crowded than others. This will allow you to ‘bend the rules’ by sneaking more time into your schedule.


When it comes to getting fit and healthy, where there’s a will, there’s always a way. Try variations on a theme to beat the ‘gym restriction’ blues!