Woman with a big smileEncountering a setback can be the pits, but the true battle you need to overcome is a bad attitude. Since there is no time like the present, we think you should think of your setback in another light – as a comeback instead! It’s time to think of whatever you’re currently facing as the tool you need to dream bigger, go inward and focus on a healthier and happier life! Here’s some tricks for getting there.

Show Up to the Gym With Your Game Face On!

It’s happened to all of us – we show up at the gym being half in, half out. You may be thinking about how good a burrito sounds for lunch, or replaying yesterday’s meeting in your head like a broken record (while we practice our lunges of course.) But, before our treadmill warm-up is over, we’re mentally out of the gym and daydreaming about where we would rather be instead.

Get your game face on!

Whenever a setback hits in life, you can feel thrown off. Activities that normally keep you ‘in check’ now take a back seat. Don’t make your workouts one of them! Show up with your game face on, ready to punch, kick, Zumba, run, lift, squat and pump yourself sick. Be all in (or go home until you’re ready to do it right!) by telling yourself you deserve this. You owe it to yourself and your body to treat it right.

Making a Mistake Vs. Being Re-Directed

When things don’t go our way, isn’t the natural response to throw our hands up in the air, give up and find the closest and fastest distraction possible? It doesn’t matter what has gotten you down – extra weight you’ve gained from the holidays, a knee injury, or your dream job that didn’t quite work out like you expected. Setbacks happen to everyone. The trick is, avoiding the ‘mistake pitfall.’ In other words, we often get trapped in a ‘pitfall’ when things don’t work out like we thought.

The truth is, when setbacks happen it’s not a mistake but a riddle. You’re being re-directed to something (or someone) better for you, and in the very best interest of what you need most. So, you have gotten away from a healthy lifestyle. So, what? Head to your gym and work out your aggression with a spin class. So, you’re dealing with an ankle injury. Use this time to talk nicely to yourself and nourish your body with comforting, nutrient rich foods – that’s the recipe for fast healing!

No matter what setback you’re dealing with, focus on the comeback factor. What can you do right now to make yourself stronger, healthier and happier by the unforeseen circumstances? There are no mistakes or failures – you’re being re-directed for something amazing. All a setback is is a chance for success to come through. Shine, bright star. This is your time. Your year. The ‘you’ that you’ve been waiting to be.