Uber-successful people seem always to make time for an early morning workout, including Opray Winfrey, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and the list goes on. So, those workouts have to be beneficial, or these very busy people wouldn’t take time from their hectic schedules to sweat it out every morning. 


A More Productive Workout


We want the maximum benefits without committing much time, especially in the morning. So, how do successful people with hectic schedules get the most productive workout in the time given? We hunted down some information to help.


Here are ten tips to get more out of your morning workout in the time you have.


1. Get a Good Night’s Rest


A more productive workout starts the night before. However, we rarely get the sleep we need to no fault of our own. Start utilizing a Mindness app for sleep preparation that assists in building better sleep habits with tips, music, mantras, and more. 


2. No Snooze Button


The first thing is pushing that alarm clock across the room. Once you’re in an upright position, you are less likely to hit the snooze button. Throw on some upbeat music to get your mood positive. 


3. Keep Workouts To Under One Hour


After about 40 minutes of high-intensity workout, it starts to lose its benefit. The purpose of morning workouts is to get energized and in the least amount of time. Too much, and you’ll have a dragged-down feeling for the rest of the day. 


4. Get Your Protien


Protein is important for optimal workouts as it boosts glycogen storage, promotes muscle repair and reduces muscle soreness. Having a low-fat, high-protein bite before workouts are best for energy while working out.


5. Maintain Hydration


Keeping hydrated during exercise replaces the lost fluids when you sweat, reduces the risk of heat stress, maintains normal body function, and maintains performance levels. 


6. Leave Your Phone Alone


We understand this is difficult for us to do, especially if we have kids or work that sometimes depends upon us in those early hours. To get a productive workout, it should be without interruption or distraction for a good workout groove. 


7. Dynamic Stretches


With dynamic stretching, you’ll flow through different stretches, rather than holding it in place, gradually raising your body temperature and heart rate—functions that warm up your muscles, improve range of motion and get your body primed for activity.


8. Combine Exercises


Instead of isolating your muscles groups with exercises, maximize your gym time by doing multiple muscle group exercises known to work out more than one group at a time that gives you a full-body workout.


9. Pick Enjoyable Cardio


Choose a cardio activity you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be in the gym. The morning is the best time to walk a trail, run the high school track, bike your city, or swim the local Y’s pool.


10. Change Up Your Routine


People get bored with the same workout and give it up, especially in the mornings. A boring workout never got anyone out of bed. In addition, our bodies adjust to the particular stress level of that given routine, ultimately becoming less effective.